OpenFl 3.1.2 breaks BitmapData.draw transparency

Sorry I don’t have time to do a proper bug report.
But basically, updating to OpenFl 3.1.2 just totally seems to break BitmapData.draw, when it comes to the alpha channel.

I cannot test more in depth, sorry, but reverting in OpenFl 3.1.1 makes it work again.
I cannot see anything in the changelog that would justify a change in BitmapData.draw, though.

Thanks, there was a fairly large renderer change for scrollRect that might have caused a regression, we’ll try and figure this out, thank you!

Off the top of your head, do you know a simple way to recreate? Does it seem to be alpha related, or use the wrong coordinates?

I am not sure how to recreate it precisely.
But if you try out the sample I gave on the other post ( about copy channel ), you’ll notice a difference between the 3.1.1 and 3.1.2 ( in native only, flash still works fine ).

I’m wondering if their isn’t an ARGB RGBA issue somewhere… but that’s just a guess.

Whatever you did with 3.1.3 also fixed this issues.
And I also got a huge performance boost when drawing my sprites.
So double thank you.