Open virtual keyboard on mobile?


Is there any function I could use to force openning virtual keyboard on mobile devices with openfl legacy?
Because sadly, I am using haxeflixel and I need to have an input textfield on mobile device. I can’t directly use the openfl textfield object with textField.selectable = true; textField.type = TextFieldType.INPUT; as haxeflixel force us to use object of type FlxObject in the FlxState game states. So the only thing I can do is to have a function that open the virtual keyboard when my object of type FlxText receive focus. I guess this function should probably be hidden somewhere as this is probably the function that is called when an openfl textfiel of type TextFieldType.INPUT receive focus too…
So if anybody knows how to directly call this function, this would be of great help.

This should work if you use legacy: