Open Source Game “Hungry Hero”

Hungry Hero is an Open Source game written in Haxe using OpenFl Starling Framework , this game was originally written in Action Script 3 for Flash and Air Platform but now it is written in Haxe it can be run into almost all the popular platforms like Android, HTML5, Flash, IOS, Desktop etc.

Here is the link which is written in Haxe using OpenFl and Starling Framework.

Here is the Original Game Link which is written in pure AS3 by Hemanth Sharma

It need some work , please feel free to use it or update it.

Please do not use the game assets since they are not mine, I am only using them for educational purpose , it belongs to Adobe.


Great! Thank you :grin:

The website links to Github, here, for the source:

The license is BSD, here:

Adding a, like the original, should be all we need to continue to respect the license. Oh yes, and not suing the hsharma :wink:

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Thank you !!

Actually I am not experienced enough to put a license , I was confused which license to put and how that will work , :slight_smile: and thank you for the mentioning Hemanth Sharma, his tutorial was an inspiration, I will put his link in the repository.

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