Open a dumb filesystem window?

Hello, simple question but I can’t find a good answer. I’d like to open a simple, completely standalone file browser window from my application, so my user can access some additional content I’m packaging in with my game. Is there a simple way to just open a file browser window pointing at a specific directory? I don’t want to halt or freeze my program, or do anything with the files other than showing the user where they are, my program doesn’t use them. I’m possibly being an idiot here but I can’t see how to do this anywhere…

Needs to work on Win/Mac/Linux.


lime.system.System.openFile( lime.system.System.documentsDirectory );

this will open Finder/Explorer with the user’s documents dir

More here: lime.system.System - Lime API Reference


OK, it was me being an idiot, I was using roughly that (but opening a folder in my installation directory) but it was being called a couple of times accidentally and things went west from there. Will leave this thread here for future wanderers, of course! :blush:

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