Only one layer of the .svg icon showing up in the compiled windows .exe icon

Just like the title says.
Do I have to make it unilayer ?
It used to show all the layers from the .svg file used but not any more.

They changed the way it’s rendered sometime in the last few months; they’re now using a Java tool of some sort. If it’s not too much work to flatten it, I’d suggest giving it a shot.

It would also be worth opening the SVG in another program just to be sure it didn’t get corrupted somehow.

Thank you for the info on the tooling change.
Will go the flat way.

It would be helpful to know if it is working in the current releases or not.

We previously rendered SVG using Haxe, using the Lime legacy binary. The newer tools do not use this binary. Since we cannot the same SVG rasterization in the new binary yet, we added another tool (Java-based) in order to help rasterize the SVG. This was slow.

Now the tools include a tiny executable that runs SVG rasterization with the legacy binary, while the rest of the tools use the newer Lime binary. This is much faster, and being a different system, will work differently.

What you used before (that worked) and what you’re using now – it would be great to know which is which! :slight_smile: