Online SWF generator?


Is there an online SWF generator that I can use to produce swf files for my openFL project?

What do you mean? A free online swf generator that can replace Adobe Animate?

Yes, are there easy alternatives ? Ex: built by the community or so…

Most of time, I use Adobe Animate just for mockup (I put some images and textfields in x and y positions and that’s it). And you? What are your needs exactly?

As stated in your other topic, I also want to use something else than Adobe Animate for some reasons (no need to generate a swf imho) :

  • filters from Animate are not exactly the same as in OpenFL, so I would like to have my own OpenFl editor just for that
  • Adobe Animate is not perfect and have a lot of bugs and crashes (And I pay a lot for all these bugs)

Thanks loudo, so, it seems Adobe Animate is the only available solution …


I think there are some free-of-charge websites that could convert gif or mp4 to swf files very easily, you could try I could recommend:

This is absolutely not an option. We are talking about interfaces or animations, not about movies in a expensive format.