Online Multiplayer

I was wondering if there are any good tutorials or examples of a network multiplayer for haxe using UDP (I haven’t really been able to find any). Ideally, I was hoping to put together a multiplayer platformer, but for now I would like to test the waters with something more akin to two players communicating very basic information back and forth (no server) on a non-local network.

I should probably mention that I have no experience with communication protocols and the closest I’ve come to doing something like this is writing scientific code that communicates via MPI. So any general (non haxe) information would also be welcome.

Thanks for your time!

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I’ve seen a couple instances, but I don’t know if they were open source. I’d love to see a “ready to go” implementation of this, too :slight_smile:


Do you know the names of those projects? They might have some information on their websites or personal blogs.

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Not directly related to haxe or working with UDP, but still good article to read:

Nuggeta was one, I forget the other

Udp is hard. Replica Objects are much easier (they work on top of udp) :wink:

What are Replica Objects? A search doesn’t return useful results.

Sorry, they are called State Synchronization in Unity

Is there some OpenFL library that is used for sending the packets? Is what people use?

Hi. My comment from a year ago was a hint to implement a native extension for Raknet or Photon libraries which are used by Unity and other engines :wink: