Old but Gold Stage3d

Hi, It seems that I have encountered the old Flash issue with stage3d always being on the bottom. I need to animate a 3d box on top of my new game. In the old days of Flash, I would simply use Starling for the 2d graphics with Away3d. But, I was hoping that with openfl already working on WebGl that can be avoided. So, do I have to switch the whole game to Starling ? Are there any examples of Starling and Openfl cooperation ?

I think I have found a way to make this work by using some sort of alchemy algorithm. I will post results soon.


No valid results. Even if I combine multiple canvases the Stage3D will be on the bottom. So the question is. Is there any pseudo 3d engine like Papervision that was once used for Flash prior the AS3 and Stage3d ?