Official support for Adobe AIR


Hmm, I wonder if we should use a default window width and height depending upon the target AIR platform:

We use width and height 0 on mobile as a default “scale to fit the native screen size” value.

You’re right, we should also duplicate some of our icon code from other targets


Thanks for the tag for retina display, I bet we could do ::if WIN_ALLOW_HIGH_DPI:: in our template (and use <window allow-high-dpi="false" /> in the project.xml if you need to disable it)

I added a couple new issues to track this, hope to solve this soon :slight_smile:


Hi again!

I’ve just made a round of fixes and changes:

Thanks again for the feedback :slight_smile:


Where can we find the /.lime/config.xml file please? I get the Error: You must define AIR_SDK with the path to your AIR SDK when I try openfl build air.
Edit: I finally found your answer on another post thanks :d
I link them here in case someone else needs it in the future.


Hi there,
I did not test AIR target yet, but I have a question:
Is it possible to create a captive runtime application for desktop?

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:


Yep! openfl build air && openfl deploy air should do it


Hi @singmajesty, jumping here too!

How can I specify ios certificate, password and mobile provisioning?

I’ve Using old Signing Certificate feedback and ipa is not generated.


Ok got it, added in project.xml:

<certificate path="/Users/aymeric/Certificats.p12" password=“test.” />
<config:ios provisioning-profile="/Users/aymeric/All_Develop.mobileprovision" />