Null Object Reference

I’m trying to mod a popular game called Friday Night Funkin, and when I added a new character in All of the required areas, when I select it to test the character, the game crashes and says “Null Object Reference”, how do I fix this?

That’s not really a lot of information to go on. Are you able to actively debug against your compiled target to get more info on where it’s crashing?

Otherwise, this seems like a question better asked in the FNF channel of the OpenFL Discord.

No, I am not able to, and thank you for the link to the server.

From what I know, FNF uses Polymod. You might be able to generate crashlogs by also including Crashdumper in your project (which is by the same programmer that wrote Polymod). If the game crashes, Crashdumper will tell at what line of code it happened at.

I’ve used Crashdumper myself and it’s very useful, though you need to put the “openfl-enable-handle-error” in your project.xml above the line to include openfl.