Now what's wrong with sounds on Android?

After some time, sounds just stopped working on Android target with the latest build.
I’m pretty sure there was no such problem in previous OpenFL version.
At the same time background music keeps playing.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Another problem with getting sound position.
The following does work correct on Flash, but incorrectly on Android target (maybe all native):
0. start playing sound (type=“music”)

  1. get sound position (correct value for both Flash and Android)
  2. stop sound
  3. continue playing sound from saved position
  4. get sound position (correct value on Flash, 0 on Android)

Thank you for help! :slight_smile:

I have similar problem with html5. In my case the same sound file was referenced twice in project.xml.

I fixed it by reworking project.xml to be sure, that every asset file is referenced only once.

Thank you, but that’s not my case.

Does it work on another platform?

Does PlayingSound or PiratePig work for you?

Unfortunately, I’m without my android smartphone for sometime now. :frowning:
Maybe someone else can test, otherwise I will be able to do that in a week.

OK, I have the same problem on Windows (including sound position problem)
So, I’ve tried Pirate Pig and problem is the same, sounds just stopped working after sometime.
Maybe it’s something with the build you gave me here for .jpg fix?
I’m still using it.

Does it seem like the sounds cut out too soon (before they are finished), or do you mean that at some point, all sound stops playing at all?

At some point sound stops playing at all.
For example, I have button click sound, it still exists, I call play() function, but nothing happens.

I just created an issue, will look into it :slight_smile:

Issue resolved :pbj:

Both issues solved? :slight_smile:

  1. Sounds stop playing.
  2. Position is wrong.

Please try and let me know

I’ve tested on Windows, looks like both problems are fixed. :sunny:
Thank you!