Not that it matters anymore, but here's a nostalgic battle for fun and giggles: AS2 vs AS3

Not that it matters anymore, but many of us came from Flash and the earliest of us remember fondly the ease of use of Flash before it turns in OOP everything hell hole.

I have been using ActionScript 3 since the day it went official, but I have always had this feeling that “something is wrong” compared to what it was before.

It was fun before…real fun, and things get done quickly.

Not that it matters anymore.

But to all you Flash lovers out there like me who were there before AS3, this is my toast to myself and all of you !

Please message me if any of you still love AS2, I am trying to form a small community of us old souls, maybe have a YouTube interview to reminiscent old times !, Joshua Davis, Colin Moock, kirupa…

I find it interesting that some of what makes ActionScript 3.0 and Haxe different is that Haxe is (in some ways) more similar to ActionScript 2.0.

I wrote a bit about it here: