"Not_Found" issue with openfl 3.0.0 and html5


I’m trying to use openfl 3 with html5 but when I try to build a simple project I get a “Not_Found” error with no further explanations.

I’m using haxe 3.2-rc2 and last openfl and lime version.

Using verbose shows that everything goes fine until using haxe and the generated release.hxml.

IN the bin/html5/bin folder no “application.js” are generated and all the path I see in release.hxml seems correct.
I don’t really understand >.<

Does anyone has the same problem ?

It was a problem with a file not updated for haxe 3.2 (https://github.com/openfl/lime/issues/378),
there’s a fix, update to lime 2.3.0

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Ho yeah, just found that haxelib upgrade somehow didn’t automaticly set lime to the last version, had to manually set lime to the last using “haxelib set”.