No valid signing identities matching the team ID “(null)” were found

I’ve just installed Haxe and OpenFl and followed the instructions here

to create the DisplayABitmap project

builds and runs fine in the simulator but i get the error about code signing when i try to test it on a device.

Now i’m not exactly a novice when it comes to iOS development so i’m aware of certs/profiles etc - i’m just wondering how i tell my OpenFl project what to use to sign the code for the device build.

i’d guessed that the tag in project.xml would be what i’m looking for but not sure how to actually configure it.

I think you need to use the certificate tag.

That shouldn’t be necessary. In fact, I just tried compiling DisplayingABitmap for iOS, and it worked without any changes.

I think as long as Xcode knows about your signing identity and provisioning profile, it’ll use it by default.

I don’t think this is the best way this should work.
I think that there must be a way to set p12 certificate and mobileprovision from project.xml
I have many certificates and profiles and I wan’t to switch between projects. I’ve been playing around with many different entries in project.xml without luck.

Some of them are:

<certificate identity="iPhone Developer: Federico (945G43D545)" if="ios" />
<certificate path="Signing/ios/cert.p12" password="mypassword" if="ios"/>

<setenv name="PROVISION_PROFILE" value="Signing/ios/Test__DEV.mobileprovision" if="ios" />
<setenv name="CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY" value="iPhone Developer: Federico (945G43D545)" if="ios" />

Ok, I did some digging, and I found a few things.

If you use this and nothing else, it ought to work:

<certificate identity="iPhone Developer: Federico (945G43D545)" if="ios" />