No Trace (nor console window even) in Windows (Debug) build

I have the HTML version of my OpenGLView app working (with tracing), but the windows build simply displays an empty window. There is also no console window (presumably due to no_console=1 in the auto generated options.txt file).

I’ve followed the advice in this article:
and the app compiled and ran, but once again a blank window and no trace to console.

How can I debug this? Just viewing traces should be enough.

Many thanks, Jake

You can cd to the bin folder and run it by typing the name of the exe. Any stdout or errs will be redirected as normal, including traces. That’s what I do.

Alternatively, you can just do openfl test windows and it will open as soon as it’s built, and the behaviour will be exactly the same.

openfl run windows will do the same thing with less effort on your part.

My bad, I had the line:

static inline function main() { }

in my Main class. This caused no issues in HTML5, but somehow short circuited the loading of the class in Windows build. Crisis averted.

I’m surprised it worked in HTML5.

OpenFL specifically looks for a function named “main”, and if it finds one, it calls that function instead of creating an instance.

in HTML5 it appears that first main() is called, then new().