No longer able to embed fonts on OpenFl 7.1.2, Lime 6.2.0 w/ HTML5 target

I’m getting this error when trying to embed a font with the HTM5 Target

bin/html5/haxe/ManifestResources.hx:97: characters 188-202 : Unknown identifier : __fromLimeFont

the generated code:

@:keep @:expose(’__ASSET__OPENFL__fonts_sassoon_primary_ttf’) #if display private #end class __ASSET__OPENFL__fonts_sassoon_primary_ttf extends openfl.text.Font { public function new () { __fromLimeFont (new __ASSET__fonts_sassoon_primary_ttf ()); super (); }}

flash and hxcpp targets compile fine.

This problem started occuring with OpenFl 7.1.2. Lime 6.2.0

If i downgrade to Open 7.0.0, Lime 6.0.1, the HTML5 target compiles fine.

any ideas?

That’s strange, the method should be available in OpenFL 7.1.2:

It all is working here, not sure why this is not working?