Newbie questions: how to set -Dnext for flash develop


I have tried to use -Dnext using flash develop, but when I set -Dnext as test project custom command in project settings, nothing changes. Is there a way to set custom command for exporting project in flash develop?


I just do it up at the top, like “windows -Dnext”. It’s editable, and once you do so, it will add it as a new option, so you could switch between “windows” and “windows -Dnext” as targets

What do you mean by at the top. Sorry but could you explain it to me further.

FlashDevelop has a drop-down at the top of the screen:

Right where it says “html5” in this screen grab, you can click inside and edit the text to be something custom. “html5 -Dnext” would not make sense, but “windows -Dnext” or “html5 -Ddom” would

Thank you I never knew you could edit that. :smiley:

Wow thx, exactly what I needed.

Btw textfields somehow dont show up anymore after I built my project with the -Dnext flag, is it because the next renderer is not mature yet?

The “next” OpenGL/WebGL renderer does not have text support just yet, it’s the big missing feature (working on getting support using Harfbuzz and Freetype for proper unicode language support)