New releases! (OpenFL 8.7, Lime 7.2, Starling)


Thank you everyone who helps support the OpenFL project! A special thank you to @MSGhero, @outline and @m0rkeulv who all have increased code contributions this release, and to all our Patreon sponsors.

I hope that we will be able to continue to improve the solid foundation we have in Lime and OpenFL, and increase our automated testing to guard against regressions as much as possible.

New releases are available on Haxelib and NPM!

Lime 7.2.0 (12/04/2018)

  • Improved support for Haxe 4 preview 5
  • Improved detection of HTML5 browser key codes to convert to Lime key values
  • Improved support for Turkish lowercase values in lime.text.UTF8String
  • Improved HTTPRequest with -Dallow-status-0 to allow code 0 as success
  • Improved project XML to allow <window background="null" /> or "transparent"
  • Improved support optional MIME types on HTML5
  • Improved munit support by enabling headless testing on the AIR target
  • Improved the Electron target template with minor updates
  • Improved the standard index.html template for cases when the window is transparent
  • Improved performance when converting lime.utils.DataPointer on the C++ target
  • Improved support for native Clipboard events
  • Improved use of the -rebuild flag when targeting Neko on Windows * Fixed a memory leak when certain kinds of bytes were loaded from disk
  • Fixed a possible multi-thread crash in Lime native Bytes
  • Fixed the failure case when loading corrupted PNG images
  • Fixed an issue where window.cursor = null did not hide the cursor on HTML5
  • Fixed cases where the HTML5 backend attempted to cancel non-cancelable events
  • Fixed support for Font.renderGlyph and Font.renderGlyphs
  • Fixed an error in haxe.Timer if System.getTimer returned 0
  • Fixed native libraries to build with SSE3 support for better performance
  • Fixed use of the -Ddom define to force HTML5 DOM render mode

OpenFL 8.7.0 (12/04/2018)

  • Updated to Lime 7.2.*
  • Added stage.fullScreenSourceRect support
  • Added initial tile.getBounds and tile.hitTestTile APIs
  • Added support for using <tab> to set focus (tabIndex, tabChildren etc)
  • Improved several internal APIs for better memory and performance * Improved the quality of DropShadowFilter and GlowFilter
  • Improved DisplacementMapFilter to support software rendering
  • Improved support for Haxe 4 preview 5
  • Improved the behavior of simpleButton.enabled and simpleButton.mouseEnabled
  • Improved the behavior of movieClip.buttonMode
  • Improved the behavior of MouseEvent.RELEASE_OUTSIDE
  • Improved the quality of bitmapData.perlinNoise
  • Improved the rendering of cacheAsBitmap objects with alpha
  • Improved the GL renderer to respect StageQuality.LOW to disable smoothing
  • Improved the standard index.html template for cases when the window is transparent
  • Improved rendering in TextField with underlined text
  • Improved handling of HTML5 text when we know the font ascent/descent at compile-time
  • Improved MovieClip framescript timing and reliability
  • Improved SWF class generation with additional properties and more reliability
  • Fixed setting transforms for cacheAsBitmap objects
  • Fixed an internal issue when pooling ColorTransform that could fail in recursion
  • Fixed the TextFormat extern types to not have an extra field
  • Fixed texture upload for HTML5 video when video was not ready yet
  • Fixed a regression when performing the letterboxing logic on non-resizable windows
  • Fixed an issue where fonts on native targets had the wrong baseline
  • Fixed incorrect handling of transforms for same frames in SWF timeline animations

We also have a new minor release of Starling out with improvements for current OpenFL releases :success: