New Lime VSCode extension : how to set flags


I used to like the UI button which allowed me to add any arguments to the tasks no matter which target I selected.

What is the new way to do that?


Here’s a Twitter thread from earlier today that should answe the question:

I’m open to reverting the behavior of the new verbose mode toggle and putting it back to how it worked before.

I did not like how it ended up applying flags or defines to every platform when they did not necessarily make sense, but I understand the value of being able to add -Ddemo-mode (or some other custom define) quickly without actually writing formal target configurations

Feedback is appreciated!

I don’t know about the verbose mode toggle, I didn’t use the verbose mode very often.

I used to set a few defines together or not and switch between targets. Sometimes I added the nolaunch flag to and rarely the verbose one.
As I understand, with the new behavior, i have to write in settings.json a “targetConfiguration” for every combinaison of define on every target.

Maybe now the easier way for me is to write the defines in the project.xml and revert it before committing to the vcs.

We just released a new version which restores the previous button behavior :slight_smile:

thank you for your work :+1:

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