New language that emits Haxe

I have been working on a new higher level language, and currently it converts to either AS3 or JS. The idea is to be able to make mobile apps or web apps from a single code base. My question is that i originally designed the Beads language ( to generate AS3, but with Adobe offloading AIR to Harman Kardon (owned by Samsung), it faces an uncertain future.

What would be the main difficulties of emitting a Haxe friendly version of AS3 code? What is not in Haxe that is in AS3? How much work would this be?

Anyway i invite the Haxe people to take Beads for a test drive. It has a lot of fancy things inside, like the ability to use physical units of measure (3 feet + 2 meters), and a graph database built into the language. It has a wonderful reformation of the regular expression syntax with subroutines that people will love.

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I came to Haxe from AS3. I knew AS3 pretty thoroughly and can testify that Haxe has went WAY beyond AS3 in so many ways. So it would be better to ask “what is not in AS3 that is in Haxe?” I still have learned just enough to get by. Have you been to the site at all?