New "isometric" project. Which approach you recommend

Hello guys. I made an old flash roulette for a client and now he wants to convert it to HTML5. The original project has been made 100% in 2D. But now the client wants all with “isometric” perspective (2.5 D).
Its not a big deal the “3D part” of the developement. Basically 2 textures placed on a simple plane. One texture rotates on his own axis, and the for the other texture I need to convert 3D->2D coordinates to know where to place “the coin” when the user places the bet.

3 different ways to face this come to my mind

  1. Calculate the coordinates using trigonometry and “pre-render” the number rotation
  2. Use openfl.display3d.* / Stage 3D
  3. Use WebGL / OpenGL directly

I’ve made the 3 aproaches in other languages before, so I know the “pseudocode” pro and cons. What I would need to know if options 2 / 3 are stable enough to face a professional project. There is no need to have big performance as you can imagine but stability and accuracy would be a paramount issue, as I said, target will be HTML5

Any advice would be extremelly apreciated.

Best regards and Happy Easter to everyone.

prerendering would likely give better results over runtime 3d

You may want to look at Away3D, which should be stable, though 2D does simplify some things :slight_smile:

FYI, when I say “better results” I mean higher quality art