New game: Window Cleaner for iOS & Android (FREE)


Now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play (and maybe soon Amazon App Store) : Window Cleaner.

Download it now:


Website :!/windowcleaner

This is my first OpenFL/Haxe game released and is quite a straight forward game where you get to clean as many windows on a scrolling building as you can by simply tapping them. Of course, the scrolling gets faster and the not every window needs cleaning making it quite tricky. The challenge is to clean as many as you can.

The game took roughly two and a half months from start to finish but with the last couple of weeks effort spread over two months or so due to other commitments.

I’d like to thank the whole OpenFL/Haxe development team and the community for such a great product. This will be the first of hopefully many games/applications I intend to make using OpenFL.

Check out my website for a few more details on the game :!/windowcleaner

Game synopsis :

In Window Cleaner, your job is to clean as many windows as you can on the highest building imaginable, in this frantic and addictive game.

It might sound easy but your cleaning gantry just won’t stop so you need to be quick off the mark. Don’t go cleaning open windows or your clients might not be too happy and broken windows can be dangerous - so keep clear of those.

See how good you are at window cleaning and compare with your friends and others on the leaderboard.

How many windows can you clean…


  • Tap the dirty windows to clean them

  • Tap a broken, open/opening/closing window or not on a window and it’s game over :frowning:


I really like your game, really smooth. What did you use to draw things?
My recommendations are, put the score at the bottom of the screen you don’t want to to hide the windows that are coming.
Add 3 mistakes so the game is not so punishing. Don’t punish for double clicking on dirty windows, make the dirty windows more clear to recognize, maybe tomatoes so they can be red?
You have 4 types of windows open, close ,broken and dirty. But in game logic terms you only have 2 dirty(valid move) and the rest (invalid move) I think you should make close equal to neutral move, broken is one mistake if you make 3 you are out, open instant end of the game. You can add a person in the window so its clear that you wash the face of an owner and you are fire.
This are recommendations, maybe they are wrong you have to test them and see if they work. Even though the recommendations, I enjoy the game.

Thanks for your feedback and very constructive criticism - it is very much appreciated.

For drawing, it’s basically using the straight-forward OpenFL Tilesheets so nothing particularly clever in that respect. I originally had my own AS3 framework which I’d used/evolved over several game/app developments which I recently ported to OpenFL and utilised Tilesheets rather than Sprites. To acheive this, the main additional features were to include a parent/child system where children inherit and respect parental properties - scaling, rotation, alpha, etc. and more importantly, implement a simple (rectangular) bounding system for those rendered tilesheet items (scaled, rotated, etc) to allow mouse-clicks.

The entire scene is actually rendered thorugh as single tilesheet draw call and all graphics are held in a single 2048x2048 texture. The main CPU processing is in traversing the tile hierachy and then click detection in the bounds regions.

I really appreciate your comments on the UI and game-play. I’d already found the double clicking on windows issue (well my kids found it) and yeah, dirty windows do need to be a bit more obvious. I’ll have a think about the 3 and your out part. I had considered having lives with the option to buy more from in-app purchases when you’ve used all the initially allocated ones.

The game and framework port was pretty much completed within 2.5 months but due to real work commitments the last part took a couple of months extra and I really wanted to get it out for Christmas - which I’m very happy that happened. Considering the Apple submission/review process can take a little while and the last submission date was around 18th I suspected that it wouldn’t get approved time or that it would be rejected - but no, it was accepted first time within a few days.

I’ve got ideas for the game to evolve e.g. more game modes. So I’ll be continuing to release updates when I can.

Again, thanks for your comments and I’m glad you enjoy the game. P.S. Don’t forget to rate it :wink:



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I’m pretty sure tilelayer provides this functionality already. (I’m not trying to insult your hard work, I’m just letting you know in case you want to use some of the other features it provides.)