New Game Total Trouble

Hey just launched what is the first of hopefully many games with Haxe/OpenFL.

Total Trouble

So far just on the Google Play Store, but coming soon to iOS

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, especially any issues you may have.

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I installed and gave it a go. It looks good and I like these kinds of puzzle games and the levels I did play seem well designed. However:

  • The way it show the ‘you win’ stuff over the game before the last pieces have finished moving is a bit jarring.
  • You use the same button for play and next - the first time I finished a level I thought it was a play again button.
  • Using the lives/gold pay to play system on a game like this that requires experimentation and which you shouldn’t expect to win most levels on your first try is horrible. Instant uninstall for me - sorry.
  • Looking at the google play page I had no real idea what the point of the game was.Even the video wasn’t very instructive . You’d be better off ditching the pictures of the menu/interlevel screens and putting some in that clearly show what the gameplay is.

thank you for the feedback, yes, i know it is a bit confusing, i am working on that now.

i appreciate the honesty and the comments, and will try to fix these issues.

hope you will come back after

this is my first game and definitely a learning process.

in regards to your issues:

  1. win animation is now fixed, there is a delay after the final move. i saw that issue, but forgot about it before publishing, thank you for that catch.
  2. added a next button, the start button was lazy and the next definitely looks nicer
  3. i added more lives, and coins, i know it can be hard, but at some point, i have to make money from some people. not all. do you have any game suggestions on this matter? is the lives/coin a bad thing? i want to do a lives for sharing, but that is technically complicated. you can get more lives in time.
  4. this is my biggest issue. and will need work on this…