Never ending video in cpp


I tried a lot of packages the last days and I think openfl is ready for desktop cpp projects, expect the missing video feature.

is there a possibility to play video in windows cpp? I tried the HaxeVlc repo, but there are some compiler issues with the vs 2017.

would be great to have a way to play videos.


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The best library I know so far is, but it still is not quite there. This is certainly an area where I would like seeing more growth

no way, I think it’s a little bit outdated:
openfl test windows
C:/HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib/openfl-webm/0,0,4/webm/Webm.hx:31: characters 58-70 : flash.utils.ByteArray has no field getData

I switch back to openframework for the cpp project where I need speed, there are a lot of videoplayers around. the html5 port with starling an fine mutltiouch support is fine…

anybody got the haxevlc thing running with vs2017. how can I tweek the compiler using the 2015 libs? perhaps there‘s a way with the vcvarsall.bat?

Around here another one with many problems in video playback from Haxe / OpenFL …

I managed to start HaxeVLC project by correcting, among other things, the compilation in Visual Studio 2017.

I have forged the project here:

Comments on the changes here:

And here:

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