Netstream m3u8 streams?

Is netstream able to play *.m3u8 playlists? Or is it limited to mp4 files and streams?

The reason I ask is because I am able to stream from an RTMP server using tmp://localhost/movies/erty.mp4 I tried using http://localhost/hls/movies/erty.erty.m3u8 gives me unsupported format. Could it be made to play .m3u8 for dynamic quality depending on the user’s bandwidth?

So after some playing around with the server I was able to get the m3u8 stream to work. To get it to run I had to use port 80 or 8080 and not 1935. When switching to that the m3u8 playlist “works”. The only issue I have with it now is that I can hear audio but video does not show.

Would it be possible to add a trace in this method and see if it is being called?

If so, does it progress far enough to update the texture?

I added the trace but it doesn’t look like it’s being called. I added the trace right after line 125.

Well seeing that I am fast approaching a deadline I suppose I will have to live with the mp4 file only and not use the m3u8 playlist. I was really looking ahead for future needs but I can live with streaming the mp4 file for now.

There may be fixes in the dev version (I resolved a bunch of issues found when streaming video using Starling) but that makes sense for the short-term