Netgroup for cpp

I noticed a c++ lib that implemented client-side rtmfp and netgroup.

Any chance we will see the NetGroup related API for OpenFL?

Would anyone be interested in working with me to implement it in some capacity?

This is for streaming media from a server (like Adobe Media Server)?

Is the protocol used by other/newer media servers?

This could definitely be interesting – it’s a shame it can’t run in the browser (though maybe web assembly?) but Lime does allow for native extensions so this could be compiled then wrapped with bindings to trigger it from the Haxe side

RTMFP is a powerful p2p protocol introduced in flash 10 that uses a third party server(unless peers are on a local network) like cirrus, ams, or one of the open source servers like mona to handle peer exchange. Most of it’s functionality was introduced with the NetGroup class. It could be used for efficiently streaming media to peers in the mesh, implementing distributed hash tables, or general peer2peer usage.

Unfortunately, porting AIR projects that use the protocol to other development platforms is a pretty daunting task. I was delighted to find out that someone had created a C++ implementation which could really lay the groundwork for enabling it in haxe/openfl projects. Considering there are no real p2p libs to speak of, it could be worth looking into.

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