Neko vs cpp, advantages/disadvantages

Im wondering what the diffrence is between compiling to neko/c++ what are the advantages/disadvanages of them and which one is the fastest?

C++ will probably always be faster, since it compiles to native runtime code.
Neko is like Java, it needs a virtual machine to run. So compiling to Neko results in bytecode. The Neko VM then translates this to machine language at runtime (Your release always needs to supply the VM, most people don’t have a Neko VM installed).

I like Neko during developing, since it compiles much faster.

Suggest to get BunnyMark, the benchmark program, which is found at GitHub and run it. This will give you a better picture how fast each target goes.


The pragmatic differences between the two targets can actually be “slight.”

Although “yes, yes, Neko is ‘an interpreter,’” Neko’s virtual-machine is engineered to be minimal.   (In rather-direct contrast … heh … to Java.)