Neko target code writing issue

I’m using this sentence in code and I’ve no issues targetting flash target nor targetting android.


gluer.getBuilderInstance() is a Dynamic
gluer.getBuilderInstance().changeHUDValues() is a SchedulerMap (project object)
gluer.getBuilderInstance().changeHUDValues().doActions() is a method of of SchedulerMap

Running Neko exe I’ve

Invalid call
Called from line 99

Commenting this sentence I’ve similar error in a similar code sentence:

var existentReward = _gluer.getGameAttribute(GameAttributes.SESSION_REWARDS).get(;

where _gluer.getGameAttribute(GameAttributes.SESSION_REWARDS) is a Dynamic represent a Map<String, Something>

Is there any writing rules I need to know to targetting Neko? The Issue seem regard methods called for Dynamic objects.

As usual, thanks in advance to anyone can help.


The way Nemo is designed, you have to often have objects typed before you access their fields. However, because maps are a Haxe “abstract” type, I’m afraid you may run into trouble if it’s dynamic even on other targets

You should cast Dynamic to proper class:

(cast gluer.getBuilderInstance() : RealClassOfBuilderInstance).changeHUDValues().doActions();

Understood, thanks.