Neko for web programming

I’d like to ask a few questions regarding Neko and what it offers with regards to web development and how viable it is.

  1. Firstly, I have seen just generally how it is possible to generate a web page with Neko, but the only example we get from the website is how to trace output onto a HTML page, and nothing more. If anyone has any experience or knowledge of Neko in web, just how viable of an option is it versus php/perl/ASP?
  2. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, how does Neko interface with databases and then print such results on a web page, say using a predefined template in CSS? I have yet to see any major examples presenting this functionality.

I really don’t want to program in PHP or ASP.NET to develop a website, and web development just seems like a very tedious task involving too much repetition.

I was thinking of developing some kind of web framework on top of OpenFL specifically for the HTML target, but I wouldn’t be so sure how viable that would be! :smile:

I’m not a big fan of either web design or development, so I would like examples of alternative languages to build websites such as Haxe, just not getting very far at the moment.

People are using haxe for web development, your haxe code can be compiled to javascript for the client and whatever you want for the server, but most often php or neko.

To use neko have a look at mod_tora

Haxe can use database, either mysql or sqlite
And it can even use object relational mapping

There’s also some code for mongodb if you are looking for nosql

Haxe have a basic templating system

But for more advanced project I’d recommend ufront

Openfl isn’t made for this, at best you could have a flash “website” (or running on canvas/webgl) but to call that a website is a bit of a stretch.