Neko crashes on "openfl setup android"

I haven’t built for android in a while - maybe a year or so - and can’t get my app to build now. I’ve been getting the same error as here some Android, "failed to find Build Tools revision 24.0.1" as well as the correct android sdk version not being targeted which has led me to try and update everything.

Anyway the main issue now seems to be that I can’t update android NDK, see below:

This shows the compiler error in flash develop and above it the neko crash when installing the ndk.

Not sure if it’s relevant, but the first failed build today was after downloading and installing gradle for the first time.

Well I download and installed the latest NDK manually and the game compiles now but is very choppy in certain areas so I’ll have to try out different SDK versions now.

The neko crash may still be of interest to someone though so consider this topic a bug report I guess.