Need to fix two OpenFL extensions

We need to help with fixing 2 openf extensions for iOS target.
Android works fine with them, but when we are trying to compile for iPhone we get compile errors.


Error description:

For the facebook library we have the same error except libname _extension_facebook_register_prims.

We’ll pay well for help.

Thank you so much for sharing the details with us for fixing the issue. I have checked the GitHub link that you have shared, but I’m unclear about what exactly we have to do. Could you please explain which code do I need to check and what is the core problem? You have multiple links and we are not sure which one should I refer to. So, please help me with the details about the issue or error so that we can check it and can update you on it.
you can mail me at lauren[dot]c[at]talentsfromindia[dot]com for further discussion.

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