Need help to compile swf to apk and html

I need your to complie swf to apk and Html

I’ve Trying some method without success


You will have to be a bit more specific.

check out the NyanCat example on how to use swf files.

openfl create NyanCat

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thanks so much to share this info


I have swf game and I need to compiler to apk and html5

is that clear or not

thanks for your help


I have this error when I wrote openfl test html5

C:\HaxeToolkit\haxe\lib\openfl-samples\8,7,0\features\display\DisplayingABitmap\swfapktest>openfl test html5
Called from lime/_internal/backend/native/NativeCFFI.hx line 609
Called from lime/system/CFFI.hx line 172
Called from lime/system/CFFI.hx line 306
Uncaught exception - Could not find NekoAPI interface.
Called from ? line 1
Called from CommandLineTools.hx line 1884
Called from CommandLineTools.hx line 22
Called from CommandLineTools.hx line 126
Called from CommandLineTools.hx line 630
Called from lime/tools/PlatformTarget.hx line 98
Called from HTML5Platform.hx line 345
Called from lime/tools/IconHelper.hx line 66
Called from lime/tools/IconHelper.hx line 360
Called from lime/tools/ImageHelper.hx line 117
Called from lime/graphics/Image.hx line 697
Called from lime/graphics/Image.hx line 1627
Called from /usr/share/haxe/std/neko/Lib.hx line 42
Uncaught exception - load.c(237) : Failed to load library : C:\HaxeToolkit\haxe\lib\lime\7,6,2//ndll/Windows64/lime.ndll

You won’t be able to take an entire SWF game and magically make it HTML5.

From the swf hopefully you can extract the assets and then you have to code it in haxe.

If you have the as3 code, a lot should be quite similar but you will have to do it again i’m afraid.