Need help of Mac users


I’ve released my game for MacOS recently, and got a message from user complaining about game size problem on his MacOS Mojave 10.14.3.
I believe it’s something to do with Retina display.
Is anyone here can do some tests for me?
Unfortunately, I don’t have required device myself.

Thank you!

The latest version of Lime should use a newer version of SDL that resolves the scale issues that previously occurred with Mojave

Oh, thanks for letting me know.
Still would like to test just to be sure. :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:

Thanks @PXshadow, I’ll PM you tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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If you need a hand just let me know

Hey @tanis,
Thanks, @PXshadow already helped me.
Also, user was able to fix the problem himself, by upgrading from MacOS 10.14.3 to 10.14.4.
I guess, in the end it was just OS bug. :smiley:

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