Need consultant to guide me on a couple projects


I’m looking to contract a consultant that can help me get going with a web project (and possibly additional projects). I shouldn’t need a ton of your time.

I have years experience with AS3/AIR and FlashDevelop for Windows applications. I have converted part of a recent kiosk project from AS3/AIR to Haxe for Windows, so I’m not totally green. But I am not a web developer and my customer wants web versions of a couple kiosk projects. I need to get bids out right away.

I could slog my through a first web trial project, but a consultant would save me a ton of time with the web part of development system set up (Windows and switched from HaxeDevelop to VSCode) and architecting the project.

I’m in the US in the central time zone.

Send me a private message if you are interested.



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Hi , I have more than 10 years working in as3 porjects, and 8 years working with openfl, 5 years working with javascript projects only for web development, please contact me on [email protected], i will help you,

Vicente Fleitas