NDK Version in 2021

Hi everyone, Android NDK 21 is out for a while.
should we still use r15c or some newer version will work building android targets???
Thank you all

Just tagging along to also find out.

As far as I know, we still need to use r15c. I tried a newer NDK version a couple of months back, but the build failed. I had to roll back to r15c.

Just writing here what you wrote today on discord Josh.

NDK r20b and r21e both seem to work

@mostaff_G did you tried r21?

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I really like to try it out, but android developer tools have been banned to my country(Iran) since some years ago(apparently some of my fellow country mates used java technology for making nuclear bombs :wink: ), so I used some vpn and antisencorship software to change my ip and get in google developer tools but recently our government has banned these tools too, and currently I’m looking for a way to THE OTHER SIDE. I know it was a great progress in your work and I wish you good luck all.

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I’m sorry to hear that! :confused:
Good luck!