Native thread exiting without DetachCurrentThread

On android i get this warning right at the game start:
(Also with BunnyMark/DisplayingABitmap).

 W art : Native thread exiting without having called DetachCurrentThread (maybe its going to use a pthread_key_create destructor?): Thread[15,tid=12089,Native,Thread*=0x489a6e00,peer=0x12cc40a0,"Thread-3084"]

And i wonder if that might be related to those random crashes i encounter with my apps.

Is there a “trick”/ easy way, to figure out what causes this?
Is there some specific code i could search for?

When do you experience crashes? Any messages?

The crashes happend right after starting the game, but before entering the “main” function.
But it only happend every 10th to 20th gamestart, and i had a hard time to pinpoint it more precise.
When they happened it was right before/instead of the “exiting without DetachCurrentThread”-message and i thought that might be related.

Anyhow, now that i changed to openfl 6.1.0/lime 5.5.0 and ndk r15c they seem to be gone!

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