My first published android game made with openfl and haxeflixel

the game is still in development. it has only 3 levels so far. any feedback is welcome.
Please like the facebook fan page if you like it. many thanks!!

android download:

facebook fan page

game play video:

what other features I had built for this android apk.

  • admob integration
  • unlock next level once a level is passed.
  • coin blocks (star block)
  • apple blocks (increase hp)
  • chess item (increase maximum hp)
  • able to ride on an enemy
  • destroyable bricks
  • moving platforms
  • load animated tiles and animate based on the latest tiled TMX file format
  • trampoline jumping bed
  • door (transport to the other place/room)
  • vase (transport to the other place/room)

Simple Enemy AI:

  • blue patrol enemy: it will never fall when it gets close to the edge unless you accidentally push it from the top.
  • green patrol enemy: it will fall when it gets close to the edge.
  • boss: jumping around

That looks really neat! Like a mixture of Commander Keen and a little bit of Super Mario World.
Now I’m just wondering - what on earth is she holding in her hand? Some sort of battering ram? :wink:

well, it’s a huge shotgun she/he’s holding.