Music .OGG files not looping properly on Android

There’s been a problem reported in july this year about looping .OGG files on Android. It seems that even though the music file is looped seamlessly, it loops prematurely in playback. There even is a Github issue describing the problem: The problem does not occur when using .WAV file.

Any news about it?

iOS uses an Apple official version of OpenAL, but Android uses a custom version of OpenAL, which might not be as “perfect”

Sound on Android has been an ongoing source of pain. Perhaps there is some different way we could use the custom Android OpenAL library to resolve this, or perhaps there is a fix upstream in the project that we just need to pull and build again, not sure.

I’m working on a problem with dynamic audio on Android. Once I fix that problem, I’ll take a look at this one.

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