Multitouch problem targetting HTML5

I got a problem on using multitouch on html5 target.

here’s the scenario :
i add the eventListener for a TouchEvent.TOUCH_BEGIN on the stage.

i increment a number everytime, a touch begin happened.

the problem is i can’t do 2 touch begins at the same time.
The multitouch works when you do this, 1 finger touch, hold and other finger touch, hold or anything.
basically if the event is occured at the exact same time, it wont happen.

The problem only exist on HTML5 target. works fine on other mobile targets.

  • This problem only occurs on the safari Ios 7. It works fine on my android’s browser
    how do i fix this?


Hmm, that’s interesting. I wonder if this is related to Safari swipe gestures, and if there’s any way around this