Multiple shapes/masks in a single SVG

I’d like to optimize the download of my resources by reducing the number of SVGs, and a simple solution is to insert multiple SVGs in a single bigger SVG used like a library: I just need monocromatic (sometimes compounded) shapes to use as masks.

Is this possible? If it is we can start talking about extraction, layers, pivots etc.

You can group the content wrapped inside the <svg> tags into individual <g>
elements and ultimately bundle all those groups into a single file.
Afterwards you can use the inLayer parameter of SVG.render() to reference a
specific group.

So I can reference groups by assigning an id, right?
Something like

<g id="MyGroup1">


Yes exactly GiG - sorry, I forgot to mention the ID. :wink:

Thank you ob! I’ll give it a try as soon as I have new assets to elaborate.