Multiplayer Flex Project into HTML 5

Dear Forum Members,

As I mentioned in the title we have flex based multiplayer game website project. Currently we have 3 swf files :

  1. Loader swf
  2. Library - controller swf
  3. game swf

In design UI we have used MXML files. and while importing components we have used mx., and flash. libraary.
Also We have imported 2 swc files while compiling :slight_smile:

  1. crypto.swc
  2. as3corelib.swc

I don’t know what is the best way to start with. Actually I am not sure if it is possible to convert all of these into html 5 without rewriting it. I know that there is a HaxeUi which can convert my mxml files into it. then it seems I need to use converter to conver .as files into .hx. How can I do it where from to start I really dont know , any help would be highly appreciaated.

How reliant is the project on Flex?

Does it rely heavily on Flex components or does it rely more on MXML for tying ActionScript-based code together?

You can use Apache Royale for a Flex-first approach (which drops the Flash API) or OpenFL which adopts a Flash-first approach (but lacks a solid Flex implementation) however something in the middle (like MXML parsing) might be something that could be added

The project heavily based on mxml and as3. MX libraries are also used. But I am able to convert all to pure action script. I mean all mxml files. But mx libraries will still remain. Apache Royale is not reliable for this project in my opinion. I started with openfl. What I am trying to do is convert all as files as well as MX libraries into hx files. I am not sure how much I will be successful.

We don’t have source files for any of the flash.* classes and have had to create compatible classes on our own.

I don’t know if there is a way to find sources for mx.* classes in ActionScript that could be ported? If so that would be an interesting place to start as we could work on an OpenFL-compatible Flex library

Yeah sounds good actually. I have mx sources in action script but it is not difficult to convert them into hx files if I am not mistaken.

What is the source? What is the license? Where could I find them?

I might get you not correctly. I mean I have a flex project where I have included MX package and all the .as files inside that project. are we in the same direction ?

So if you have


You have the source and it can be converted to Haxe

…but for other classes (such as mx.* or flash.*) these need to be reverse-engineered unless there is ActionScript sources for them somewhere?

Unfortunately I have a source like mx, .flash sources and I need to change them into haxe. I think Some decompilers are very helpful to change the sources into as3 even the .mx sources. What do you think about it ?

If you find a way to do that let me know… I think the Flex SDK license would be permissive enough (Apache) to allow that

Flash sources (if there were such a thing in ActionScript) would not be licensed where we could use it