Multiline textfield input bug

I am trying to have a multiline input textfield on cpp targets that automatically render into a defined area.
I set wordWrap=true (and multiline=true) and fixed textfield.width and textfield.height
But unfortunately, if I type a long String sequence, it does not automatically return to next line (beyond textfield width, the remaining characters of the line are not rendered). It only does after the first space (so wordwrap is not working as expected as too long words are supposed to be rendered on two lines)

If I init textfield.text with a very long text, the problem is the same. So as if I remove textfield.type = TextFieldType.INPUT;
So the problem seems to be that wordWrap=true do not work as expected (it do not break words), at least on cpp targets…

no one?
@singmajesty : Is it a known bug or is there some parameter I need to set right?

Text field doesn’t break currently without a space, this a known area where it needs extra improvement

Is there a known workaround till this is fixed? (like listening to text change events and making the break myself or something like this…?)

You could insert a hyphen or new line using textField.getCharIndexAtPoint() to find the last rendered character