Moving HaxeToolkit folder

is there a way of changing HaxToolkit folder location? I’d like to move it from D./ to D:/XXX/Libraries/ , is this possible without breaking everything?

I believe you can change the haxelib repo path using the following command:

haxelib setup [target folder]

Note: You’ll have to manually move the packages you already have installed to the new location.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the haxe package, I was in a rush.
The problem I had after that was correcting the paths in the project files, because I completely changed the folders structure.

I saw the setup command, but my brain preferred the stupid way… :expressionless:

I have used the haxelib setup command, and I have to warn who wants to do this operation: it only relocates the HaxeToolkit/haxe/lib folder, NOT the whole HaxeToolkit one! And if you later try to clean the registry to remove all settings/path/regs and ambient variables about haxelib you WON’T find the haxelib settings you’ve setup.