MovieClip.isPlaying only works targeting flash

openfl.display,MovieClip.isPlaying works when targeting flash, but when I target windows or neko I get:
“openfl.display.MovieClip has no field isPlaying (Suggestion: __playing)”

__playing seems to be what I’m looking for but it’s private, why not add a public accessor, and why is completion disabled on flash?

Edit - Some other thing I noticed:
Neko and C++ movieclips don’t play unless they are added to the stage. This is what I’m testing.


There are no weak memory references in JavaScript and some other platforms, so (to my knowledge) we cannot allow MovieClips to update when they are not on the stage, without preventing garbage collection :slight_smile:

We make an exception to this when you add an Event.ENTER_FRAME event, but in those cases you need to remove the event before it will be collected

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