MovieClip api play() not work in html5?

I try load SWF library,but MovieClip api “play()” not work in html5!
Flash Target it’s OK!

code begin===============>

var mc:MovieClip = Assets.getMovieClip(“library:NyanCatAnimation”);;
Lib.current.addChild( mc );

code end=================>

What happened?
Current is not supported play()?
Everyone help me?

This post from another topic shows that movieclips aren’t fully supported in anything other than Flash at the moment so HTML5 wont work yet. SWFLite is the format used for SWF files used in HTML5 builds.

You can also get animation right now for native (using type “swf” instead of type “swflite”), someone who’s interested could help port the code from the “swf” MovieClip instance to “swflite” to carry it over.

Understand , thank you!