MouseX MouseY Bugged/Not implemented on CPP target?


I’ve been using a sprite with an EnterFrame handler where I would call mouseX and mouseY .

In flash it works perfectly, but when I compile in CPP, it fails. mouseX and mouseY always remain 0.

It seems mouseEvent.localX and mouseEvent.localY works fine as a substitute, for the moment, but I can picture many scenarios where mouseX and mouseY is crucial or at least and option to handle the EnterFrame event after the Mouse events …


I just did a little test, it seemed correct when it was on the stage, but when not on the stage, I noticed that Flash still returns values, while C++ returned (0, 0). I’ve made a fix that makes a non-added DisplayObject behave the same in my test. Do you think this might be the case you’re up against?

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Yes, thank you :smile:
This is great, I just started to learn openfl/haxe and is nice to see such openess