MouseEvent's shiftKey not working for HTML5?

Using openfl 2.2.1 and lime 2.0.4, the shiftKey boolean always returns false in HTML5 targets (in my case, I’m using the browser Google Chrome) even if the shiftKey is help down. The same applies for ctrlKey and altKey. It seems to work, however, for other targets. Is there something I’m doing wrong, or is it an overlooked feature in the HTML5 backend? Or is it something inherent to HTML5?

This should be doable in HTML5. Other HTML5 libraries support and expose the SHIFT key, like CraftyJS (which I’ve used in the past).

We probably need to listen for (and cache) the key events in order to add this to the Flash mouse event. In the older codebase, I believe these were added to the mouse events, but on Lime, this (understandably) is not a part of mouse events. Mouse + keyboard events and we should be able to have the Flash behavior here again