MouseEvents on iOS with OpenFL 3?

It appears I’m not getting any mouse events on iOS with OpenFL 3. If I run the same program with -Dlegacy, I start getting mouse events in iOS again.

I searched the forums and the issue tracker and saw no other reports like this. Should I be sticking to OpenFL 2 for the time being?


I’ll also mention that I tried the PiratePig example - works with -Dlegacy, but not without. Tried on the iPad Mini and the iPad Mini 2.

Interesting, I was getting double events on my device (iPhone 6) so I patched it to dispatch only from touch events:

Are you able to build from source? I wonder if uncommenting this fixes it for you

Ok - so I finally got around to figuring out how to rebuild lime and try this out. It did seem to work for me. My test app now works without -Dlegacy and same for the PiratePig sample.

And what did you do, to solve the problem?
I might have the same problem on Android.