MouseEvent a bit buggy on android html5 webgl

Works on my titlescreen - then when I go to the game engine , it’s not registering.

Fine on non-webgl android though builds though. Shame because that webgl version runs crazy fast !

Has anyone else had this ? Cheers for any help.


Are you able to run OpenFL and Lime from source? Is this solved there?

Thanks for the reply matey - I’m not sure how to do that ! - Is that the same thing as compiling from the command line ?

It’s an odd one though - because it does work on the first tilesheet I add (the titlescreen) but not the game engine. I’ll also try adding the listener to somewhere else besides the stage itself in the meantime.

Details on how to use lime/openfl development versions:

cheers ibilon - I’ll go check it out :slight_smile:

I have a same issue with OpenFL 3.6.1/Lime 2.9.1 and webgl active.
I try a MouseEvent.CLICK on a Sprite but the event isn’t fire or not catch.

It’s work with OpenFL 3.3.0 and Lime 2.5.3.
I try with the developement source but no changes.

I can’t reproduce this problem, are you using the development version of both Lime and OpenFL? OpenFL is WebGL by default in GitHub.

Is this using a mouse, or touch?

My fault. It’s work with development version.
I try to mask something with a group of circles but a complex mask doesn’t work anymore with developement version.
Any idea ?