MouseClick on swfassets Having a difficult to register

MouseClick on swf assets. I have an swf assets movieClip playing in a loop with 5 frames inside of it(a Bitmap image inside). MouseClicking it 3x or more Before it register… Back then it works just fine, But after i updated the haxelib, this issue occur. cpp and html5 Build.

Is your SWF like the NyanCat demo (a loop of bitmaps within a MovieClip) or is it constructed differently? Would it be possible/difficult to share something that recreates the issue?

Does the same happen if you stop() the clip so it stops looping? Thank you :slight_smile:

It is a Bitmap within a MovieClip, if i stop() it works just fine, but if i let it in a loop, its having a hard time getting the MouseClick, like i have to Click it multiple times to register…

On my project